Reviews at Wiener Staatsoper in April 2017

Reviews at Wiener Staatsoper in April 2017 – English translation
A.Reimann’s “MEDEA”(Herold)

Parterre (12.04.2017)
This Herald, by the way, is another spectacular coloratura role, this time for countertenor, composed for Max Emmanuel Cencic but on this occasion performed by Daichi Fujiki, whose voice has the body and creamy quality of the modern operatic avatar of that species as well as dazzling note-spinning. Reimann thus joins the modern composers who have found this antique timbre useful and plausible for the latest music.
(John Yohakem)

Der Neue Merker:
The short role of the Herald was sung by countertenor Daichi Fujiki – not many singers would be able to maneuver the breakneck coloratura in such a wonderful way.
A great discovery is the countertenor Daichi Fujiki as herald, who pronounces the ban against the Colchians. He does so with breakneck coloraturas.

Oper in Wien
Daichi Fujiki made a lasting impression as a countertenor in his role as the Herald.

Likewise, casting the Herald as a countertenor instead of the bass-baritone opera standard is an innovative touch. Daichi Fujiki navigates his numerous oscillations with ease as his entourage, clad in silver, imperiously condemns Medea and Jason.

Salzburger Nachrichten (11.04.2017)
Countertenor Daichi Fujiki fully mastered the bizarre the Herald. A luxurious evening of timeless modernity.

Kurier (07.04.2017)
…in his role as the Herald, countertenor Daichi Fujiki makes his debut before a Viennese audience.
(Peter Jarolin)

Die Presse (10.04.2017)
…and reveals himself as a skilled politician in his confrontation with the Herald (Daichi Fujiki with great countertenor gusto): an ensemble without any weaknesses.

El Periodico (15.04.2017)
The rest of the ensemble also displays great vocal quality… like countertenor Daichi Fujiki (The Herald)

Wiener Zeitung (11.04.2017)
…in other debut roles Monika Bohinec (Gora) and Daichi Fujiki (Herald) made a good impression. 
(By Lena Drazi?)